Natalie Cavin, Martial Arts Instructor

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Golden Gate FL

Natalie Cavin

Natalie is another instructor here at Paulo Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Team along with her husband Professor Paulo Ribeiro, they have three lovely daughters together. Natalie is a 2nd degree Black belt in American Shuri Ryu, she has another 2nd degree black belt under Mike Allen in American Karate kickboxing and is also a 2nd degree Black belt under the legendary Joe Lewis and the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems. Natalie is also a Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Paulo Ribeiro. She has trained in the martial arts from the age of 7 yrs. old.

Athletic Achievements:

  • '03 & '04 Kick USA triple crown champion

  • 2007 Second place IKF Champion 

  • 2007 Second place WAKO Champion
  • 2008 First place IKF World Champion
  • 2008 First place Brazilian World Champion
  • 2008 voted JLFS Pound for Pound Fighter of the year
  • 2010 Second place Brazilian World Champion
  • 2010 First Place Miami International Champion
  • 2010 First place absolute Miami International Champion
  • 2012 First place Miami Open purple belt Champion
  • 2012 Third place absolute Miami Open purple belt Champion
  • 2017 Third place World Masters Championshipp
  • 2022 Pan American 3rd Place (Master division)

    Natalie's stand up record is 9-3.



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